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Orlando Pérez is the original creator of the salsa, Latin dance and exercise program, here in the valley, so before you go to a ballet, or a part time dance school, come and see it with your own eyes, and feel the BEAT, intensity and “LEARN MUSIC”. become part of the real Latin dance programs. with us you learn how to dance and you will lose the weight if you need to, the proof is in testimonies. but “we teach you how to dance”, our instructors do not have to go and brush up their skills to come back and teach you. and we do not use youtube videos to teach our classes. Our dance programs are for males and females. from the ages of 13 to 99 years old. We have students that will give you real testimonies, not actors. Come talk to us and learn how to, with us you are a student, not a BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER.

I am very sorry, we can not offer you the rates that the part time  schools charge, We charge “60%” less than they do and WE offer OVER 52 classes per MONTH. NOT 8 LIKE THEM. we dont pick and choose when you can come to class, with us you can come “everyday” Also, the nutritional advice is free for all members who ask for it, We will never limit your participation and or charge you more FOR WANTING TO COME TO CLASS EVERY DAY...... WE ARE THE SALSA MCALLEN DANCE CO.


no drugs

For one low monthly payment! you get total access, not 2 classes a week

          why our Latin dancing, we have proof that our system will do this.  CLICK HERE

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HURRY and take advantage of our private class packages, first come first serve. or join our morning or afternoon group classes. and if you are having trouble with your knees and or back and think your dancing days are over, PLEASE COME SEE me, I may have the answer.

Here is our latest interview with Despierta El Balle

AND YES, you all can dance ALSO.

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