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Here are a few personal notes and opinions I have taken about Salsa Mcallen Dance Co. over the years.

Here is a personal note, a week ago a young man from Colorado came to my Wednesday evening class, and said that he had taken classes in Aurora Colorado for about two months from a a guy who is a world champion, so I was very pleased to know that, so we got the class going and immediately noticed that he could not stay on beat with the music, so I asked him about his difficultly with keeping the beat and he said that he has problems and no one had ever been able to teach him how to correct it, so I got one of my instructors to continue the class and I worked with him for about 20 minutes or so and sure enough he got it and was from that point on on beat for the rest of the class.  so at the end of the class he was very grateful and we both realized that a salsa world champion may not necessarily be a dance instructor, but just a dancer, and there is a big difference between the two, you are either a dance instructor / dancer or just a dancer. or maybe a fly by night.

Orlando Perez

I am now teaching about 70 to 90 La Joya teachers three times a week, I want to say that this is a lively group of dance students, as all of my other groups at the beginning they had a good amount of trouble. Some of them even told me on the first days, that they were not going to make it and I had a good talking with these individuals, and they took my advice and stayed on and all of them now are having a blast, and just a few days ago they found out that at the end of the school year they are going to be involved in the dancing with the stars of La Joya, and they are very exited to be involved in this program, that the La Joya School district has arranged for them to have access to, and I want to tell you that I love teaching these classes every week, it is worth the drive to La Joya, for the level of energy that they have and they transmit to me during the class, so I am very great full to be their dance instructor.

Orlando Perez

A lady by the name or Aracely started taking our dance classes at Havana’s tonight, and by the end of the hour she shared this with us, that she had just spent a week in Puerto Ballarta Mexico, and she went to a pristine dance club called B J’s and she said that she took 7 days worth of salsa lessons at the club 3 hours a day, and she told us tonight that the only thing that she got from the place was that she lost 7 pounds in 7 days. And in one hour tonight, she has all of the basics steps turns and basic C.B.L’S, so my compliments to my partner Mayra for accomplishing all of this in one hour with a total beginner.

Orlando Perez

On March 31st, I got a phone call in the morning from a man named Mark, he started by telling me that he was desperate for salsa lessons and he called on my competition for emergency salsa lessons, so I asked him who he called and he said that he called Deborah Case and that they offered to help him, because he had planed a surprise party for his wife on Saturday the forth and she likes to dance, bur after several lessons with D.C, he said
that he had not learned anything, that is when I told him that I had no competition, so he started with me Tuesday afternoon and he was correct, he had n knowledge of any dance style at all. I will now tell you that by Friday afternoon, he was handling all of the basic needs for Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Cumbia, Cha-cha, Ballroom waltz and Ballroom rumba, I will tell you that my wife and I went to his party Saturday evening and he was a total surprise
to his wife, relatives and friends that have known him for ever and have never seen him on a dance floor, he dance with his wife, his friends and even with my wife and he was very good in all of the dance styles, so I say again, the Ballet school should stick to Ballet.

Orlando Perez

It is a wonderful Sunday morning, I like to say that a group of my students and my self went to Havana Bar and grill this last Friday to see the great Salsa band Grupo Niche, we had no idea that their lead singer would not be performing with them, all in all it was OK, what was a lot of fun and so inspiring to me and my students was the fact that the monkey show style of dancing there has not gotten any better, I did not know that it could get any more disgusting that what we saw. Towards the end of the night, one of those “dancers” ask my dance partner Edith to dance and Edith is one of the best social dancers in the valley and when she was done dancing with this guy, she came back to me and said, never again and also stated that she was going to be very sore through the week. towards the end of the night, we were approached by one of the regulars from the club and he said to us that he now understands the difference between a happy and graceful dancer and a Havana angry dancer. Bottom line is that I am now more inspired then aver to teach more people in the valley how to properly dance such a beautiful and exotic dance.

Orlando Perez


It has been a while since I posted something here, we have been very busy with our dance program, it has not come to my attention that the owner of one of the local salsa clubs here told an individual that he has seen many instructors come through his club and most of the times he sits some where near the class and watches what is going on who is in the class and according to him, he has yet to find some that teaches the way that Orlando Perez does and has the knowledge that Orlando has, he also pointed out to this lady that as the time passes, he is seeing the dance being degenerated by a group of dancers that hang out at another local club in the area and even at his place, he claims that there is a huge difference from Orlando’s dance skills and style to this new generation that has taken the dance to a much darker area and dies not look good when they teach it or when they dance it.

Orlando Perez

On December 12, 2011 a young man from College Station came to my studio and asked for information on dance classes, he explained to me that he had been dancing with a salsa group where he lives and that he had been performing as well with the group and he showed me a few videos on You Tube, I looked at the videos and I liked them, so I told him that since it was almost the end of the year that my regular students would not be back until January 2nd, so he left and came back on Tuesday January second, so I asked him to dance with one of my regular dance partners / students and he could not do anything besides a right turn or outside turn, so I asked him, what the problem was and he told me that was all that he knew, so I asked him, who is the person in the videos and he said that it was him, so I asked him about his stage choreographies, to please show me one of those and he said that after the events would finish he would not remember anything and I finally concluded and said that he had a very good choreographer, because I LIKED THE PATTERNS, but I also told him that his choreographer was not a dance teacher. so that night I started to teach him and at the end of the first night “ he said that he had just learned more with me in one night that he learned in a whole year at college station, I will now conclude and say that he took lessons from us from January 2nd to the 12th, because on the 13th he need it to be back in school, I found out a few days ago that he and the buddy that came with him to my studio for less than 2 weeks are now A HOT COMMODITY at college station. oh and I forgot to tell you all that every time that he had gone to a club at college station, he could never dance with any one, and now he says that he and his buddy are constantly being asked to dance at the clubs. 

So I say: thank you Luis for allowing me to do this for you, May God always bless you.

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