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    We are now booking private classes for Mid September....


If you have a Wedding, A Quinceanera coming up soon, we are the place to come to.............

HURRY and take advantage of our private class packages, first come first serve. or join our morning classes. and if you are having trouble with your knees and or back and think your dancing days are over, PLEASE COME SEE me, I may have the answer.

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Salsa McAllen Dance Company offers the highest quality of Latin Dance and exercise classes in the market today. Since 2002, I have provided superior service to my customers and have assisted them in achieving their dance and weight loss goals. Two left feet, weight issues, and everywhere in between, come to Salsa McAllen Dance Company to learn new skills and boost your self-confidence.

Though my 38 years of experience, musical skills, patience and commitment to excellence, I have earned the reputation as the best Latin Dance Studio in the area. Contrary to popular belief, we are the ONLY legitimately registered Latin dance center in the valley. We have the most amount of performance and and/or appearance awards in the valley! We are not a “one niter” at a bar or any other school in the area.

When I moved to the valley in 1997, there was one place that danced Salsa, The Yacht Club. A lady taught there, and when I walked inside I heard salsa music. I looked at what everyone was doing on the dance floor and they were dancing Cumbia. When I approached the lady instructor and asked her what they were doing, she said “Salsa,” and I responded, “No, that is Cumbia, not salsa.” So, I asked her to dance, immediately she said, “Oh you can dance,” and I said, so can you and she responded, well I am the teacher here, at that time I explained the difference between the two dances.  At that time no one else could dance at The Yacht Club besides her and my friend Christobal el Puerto Riqueno.

 Since then, I have taught a lot of individuals how to dance. They understand how to keep the beat of the music which is the first step when learning to dance. Others have been taught to dance by dancers without the patients or the musical skill needed to teach someone to listen to music. I have met a few of these dancers throughout the years and they could not keep the beat of the music!

By the way, you can dance Salsa to Cumbia, and Cumbia to Rock and Roll if you want to.

 “WE HAVE THE PROOF” that MOST members of our center have and are burning from 800 to 1300 calories in a dance fitness class and “we can prove it”. They are having fun doing it, so there is no "need for machines" or long contracts, the results with us, are real, the results with us stay, the weight loss is a fact. You can learn how to dance, you can lose weight, or both. There are no Drugs, no gimmicks and NO SURGERY needed, don’t waste your money, there is no magic “pill”. Take home something you can use later, Dance skills, and remember, NO CONTRACTS or tricks, we are not the Gym’s, the ballet or folklórico school’s.

Let’s Dance!!

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